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Online Art Competition


In conjunction with the online art lesson with HiArt, we would like to extend our gratitude for students who have created a happy, yet meaningful piece of artwork. The theme “Future” has been carefully thought and as this year’s art competition topic, students are to create an artwork based on hopes and dreams for a better future.
This art competition is open to children in Singapore of all nationalities from the age of 4 years old.

  1. Existing Online Students:
    Select one “Online Art Competition – Future (Age Group) lesson on our booking website from 27/05 (Wed) – 10/06/2020 (Wed).
  2. Non-Existing Online Lesson Students:
    Purchase one (1) online lesson at $9.90 to be eligible to join this online art competition.

  1. HiArt “FUTURE” Online Art Competition 2020 is open to children in Singapore of all nationalities.
  2. The Competition is divided into 3 different age groups:

    (a) Aged 4-6 years (for participants born in and between 2016 and 2014),

    (b) Aged 7-9 years (for participants born in and between 2013 and 2011),

    (c) Aged 10+ (for participants born in 2010 and above).

  3. There are 3 winning entries for each category.
      • winners for each category: 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize; and
      • 10 special prizes;
    1. Top 3 prize winners will receive a set of CRAYOLA products and award certificates.
    2. All entrants will also receive an e-certificate for your participation.
    3. The organizer reserves the right to change or substitute the prize with another of similar value, without prior
      notice to the winner.
  4. All submitted artwork will be posted on our Facebook Page on 12/06/2020 (Fri), 3 pm. Result weightage will be based on:
    30% – Facebook likes on the artwork picture (ends on 19/06/20, 6 pm)
    70% – Entries will be judged by a panel of judges appointed by the organizer. The decision of the judges is final. No
    correspondence may be entered into on this subject before, during, or after The Competition.
  5. By submitting an entry, the entrant:
    • Agrees with the rules and regulations for the call. The entrant grants permission to photography and/or to publish the artwork, artist’s biography and description of the artwork for promotional and educational purposes, including broadcast, print and electronic media and the Internet;
    • Agrees that all submitted entries become the property of HiArt Singapore;
    • Understands that the organizer will take all possible care of the entries submitted, but that the organizer assumes
      no responsibility for any loss or damage before, during, and after the competition.
  6. Selected artworks will be put on display at HiArt centres. Winners will receive their prizes at the centres, of which the date and time will be communicated at a later time.

  • All artwork MUST BE on A4 size (21.0cm x 29.7cm)
  • Eligible media include: paintings and drawings (oil, poster, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, pastels, charcoal, crayon,
    dye), and 2-dimensional mixed media on paper, i.e. collage.
  • All submitted works must be original work completed by the entrant. They also should not have been submitted in previous competitions organized by HiArt Singapore or other organizations.

  1. Upon submission, you will receive a Registration Acknowledgement via email.
  2. Strictly one (1) submission per entrant only.


All artworks submitted online need to be received before the deadline to be accepted into the competition.


Fill out the Registration Form and submit your digital artwork on https://bit.ly/3edaC9j.

Terms & Conditions

We do not support withdrawals or refunds for lessons purchased.


Congratulations to all the winners of our “Future – Online Art Competition 2020”

We would like to thank all our online participants for joining us and participate actively!

Age Group: 4 – 5 Years Old

First: Abby Chew Xin Yuan

Second: Valerie Chin Wei Xuan

Third: Chew Qian Yu

Age Group: 7 – 9 Years Old

First: Zhu Yao Rui

Second: Isabella Yong

Third: Rayle Chee

Age Group: 10+ Years Old

First: Vivienne Chin Wei En

Second: Liu YuXuan

Third: Sun LuYun

Special Winners!

The following participants will receive special prizes for being the next top 10.

*This category doesn’t have any winning positionings, arrangement of names are according to alphabetical order.

Age Group: 4 – 5 Years Old

Aiden Chen


Callyn Chong

Celestine Tan Kai Le

Coraline Gu YunShan

Guo Yutong

Hor Zi En

Lucas Tao

Mason Miao

Nathan Zhang Kai’En

Age Group: 7 – 9 Years Old

Callum Chong

Cheyenne Koh

Corrine Wijaya Ng

Kayden Ong

Ke JiaYan

Quek Xiu Xin

Tan Yi Ting

Wong Zi Yan

Zheng Yu Long

Zhou ShuYi

Age Group: 10+ Years Old

Chang Le Le

Johnny Rao JunYi

Jonathan Jian Yi Hao

Joy ChenYue Yu

Ke XinYan

Li ShiQi

Xani Sheng Yiran

Yang Chun Xi

Zhang Ming Xuan

Zhang ShuHan